• About Us

  • Trees are nature’s work of art. We treat trees with respect

    It's a busy world. We lead busy lives. For many, trees are more like a “part of the furniture,” especially a city with an abundance of trees like Winston Salem, which has been accepted as a Tree City USA .

    Trees mean a lot more to us than just business—trees are our passion. Our tenacious team of tree experts shares our passion.

    For us, the care of trees is more than a profession; it is a way of life. We celebrate and protect our precious trees.


    A1 service standards- Quality, punctuality and efficiency—is what makes us tick. Our tree care team stands ready to answer your questions about tree services, schedule appointments, and ensure that urgent messages are relayed to our staff in the field.

    Best prices- A combination of competitive pricing, high levels of service, and expertise gives you the best value for your money for tree removal services.

    Comprehensive tree care services- We restore, maintain, and conserve trees and everything in between. From fine pruning of ornamentals to removal of difficult hazard trees, we do it all and we do it better. That's what our residential and commercial clients say.

    Our reputation for tree care is growing.

    We are plugged-in

    There’s science and art in our tree care methods. You’ll find our team using the latest in technology, with the most effective treatment techniques and options that are available today.

    We keep up-to-date with the latest innovations in the industry are aware of new tools and techniques as well as new diseases and insects. Our tree care professionals are highly-skilled, professionally licensed and completely insured.

    Nifty climbers

    Places where cranes or machines can’t reach, the Geddie's tree care man can. Often, man lifts or bucket trucks are not able to squeeze through tight spaces and access the inner branches that open up a tree to sunlight and wind movement to carry out effective tree trimming and pruning. Our men can climb trees.

    We love to hear from you

    Do your trees need some tender loving care? If you’d like a personalized quotation or some no-obligation advice or even just chat about Geddie's tree service.

    Geddie's Tree Service

    Address :5335 Robinhood Village Dr #126, Winston-Salem, NC 27106