• Brush Chipping

  • Brush chipping offers a safe and environmentally friendly option for removing brush once it has been cleared.

    Pile brush in an open area such as a driveway and pile brush so that cut ends and branchy ends are all stacked the same way. Keeping piles of stacked brush from getting too high is important for safety and ease of chipping.

    Once the brush has been fed into the chipper, the customer can choose to keep the chips for use in gardens as an excellent way to keep moisture and nutrients in the soil for plants – or we can take it away.

  • Brush Chipping and your Yard

    There’s waste and there are wood chips.

    Any kind of tree pruning and removal operations results in brush—remnant branches, logs, and debris. Instead of disposing this as mere waste material, we believe it should be handled in an eco-friendly way. It can be recycled and used as mulch or compost in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Whether you have a tree removal requirement or you just want to clean up your property in Winston Salem NC CR Geddie's Tree Service can take care of your tree care needs and take the wood chips off your land if you want us to.

    Reduce environmental impact and maximize usefulness.

    There is a logical order in the way we work. Our work is not complete until the debris is taken away or turned into mulch or compost on location.

    When the tree trimming or removal task is complete, we have the debris chipped directly on to our trucks. If you prefer, we will leave the trimmed material on site for use in your garden as mulch or compost. Or we can just haul it all away, leaving your property clean and clear of debris.

    We can also turn your brush into small wood chips in a reasonable amount of time and process it through our large wood chipper. Our chipping trucks can chip wood that is up to 8 inches in diameter and turn it into approximately 1 inch chips so that they can easily be disposed and put to good use.

    Troublesome tree limbs are useful too.

    Wood chipping is good for the environment. It is also good for your wallet. Recycle your yard waste and keep usable material out of landfills. Turn that pesky brush into fine mulch that you can use in your mulch beds in the garden. It’s cheaper than hauling and safer than just burning.

    Enjoy the benefits of the free mulch. Mulch makes your trees happy. It improves soil structure, helps retain moisture and control temperature in the soil and also controls the growth of weeds. Mulch is also an excellent additive for compost and prevents erosion from your flower beds.

    Remember, if the chips are being placed around vegetable gardens or sensitive plants, it is advisable to allow the wood chips to season for at least six to eight months.

    Brush chipping brings forth beautiful landscapes.

    We can make your woods more enjoyable for you. Get rid of unwanted bushes, dead logs, ugly brush and low hanging branches in a matter of minutes. We can even create a walking path for you that is laid with the resulting wood chips. Discover multiple ways to use wood chips and you will see the enchanting natural beauty around you in a new light.

    Waste not; want not, with our quality wood chips.

    Our policy is to reduce environmental impact and produce zero waste. We will be glad to advice you on how you can safely and smartly recycle all waste produced from tree removal or trimming without harming the environment. If you have any questions on how our Brush Chipping and wood chips disposal service can benefit your home.

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