• Stump Grinding and Removal

  • We provide stump grinding and removal services for any size stump. Stump grinding will not only beautify your lawn but it will also increase property values. We will remove all wood chips and debris leaving your property looking well kept. Contact our tree experts today for a free estimate!

  • Stump Grinding

    Old stumps might seem harmless, but they can cause all sorts of trouble. Physically, they are a hazard to people in your yard, particularly children who may run without looking where they are stepping. The roots can also cause problems by spreading disease to other parts of your yard or disrupt sidewalks and foundations. Pests like termites, bees, hornets, and wasps also tend to make their homes in old stumps. Stump grinding in Winston Salem is a quick and easy way to remove dead tree stumps and have peace of mind for your yard.

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