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  • Do you have dead or dying trees that need tree removal before they get worse and fall? Is there a big unsightly tree blocking your view and enjoying of your property? What about those roots that you have to avoid when pulling up in your driveway or walking on sidewalks? Greddie's tree removal is here to help.

  • Why Geddie's Tree Removal

    At our family owned and operated business, our top priorities are making sure our customers are property is safe and that our finished results are top quality. Our experience speaks for itself; Please take a look through our gallery to see some of our past works. 

    Security is one of our top priorities. We carry liability insurance to protect your property, as well as compensation and disability insurance for employee safety. Call us now for a free estimate

  • Safety First

    Not only are dead or dying trees an eye-sore, but they are also dangerous. Removing a tree is not something that you should do yourself. It is especially important to have a professional remove a tree if you suspect it has the potential to fall over. Removing a tree before anything happens is the best way to protect your property and your family.



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    You’ve come to the right place for premier tree removal in Winston-Salem, and the Triad.

    Find out more about our unsurpassed Stump Grinding or take a look at our work in the photo gallery.


    You’ve come to the right place for premier tree removal in Winston Salem NC, but if you also want reliable and elegant tree pruning, stick with us!
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    Get great tree removal service without paying unreasonable prices. We’ll leave you with healthy, lush, and beautiful trees, which is why we’re ranked #1 in customer satisfaction!

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